PGP Programme


Post Graduate Programme:

The curriculum is designed to impart knowledge and skills considered essential for managers.

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IPM Programme



IIM Rohtak introduces a Five-Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) for students after class XII

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The Seventh PAN-IIM World Management Conference (WMC) hosted by Indian Institute of Management Rohtak.

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What's New

Degree/Diploma Programmes

Post Graduate Programme in Management: The duration of the IIM-R Post-Graduate Programme is two academic years. Each academic year normally begins in June/July and ends in March and consists of three Terms. The students go for summer internships at the end of the Third Term.
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IIM Rohtak introduces a Five-Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) for students after class XII who aim to pursue their career in Business Management
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Indian Institute of Management Rohtak is a premier Institute of management education in India. The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) of the Indian Institute of Management Rohtak is a full-time doctoral programme offered in various specializations
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A major academic objective of IIM Rohtak is to actively promote professional development of practicing managers, through well designed and delivered Management Development Programmes (MDPs).
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Faculty development is a process of enhancing and promoting any form of academic scholarship in individual faculty members. Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) of IIM Rohtak are aimed at maintaining and improving the professional competency of faculty members working in B’Schools of universities and private institutions within India and abroad.
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IIM Rohtak starts a specialized program in “Sports Management” for experienced professionals, sports graduates, and sports enthusiasts. This program is for industrious participants interested in working in the sports, entertainment and related industries. Graduates of this program will be equipped to understand the regulatory, revenue and branding forces at work in the sports industry, nationally and globally.
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The Executive Doctoral Programme in Management (hereafter, Executive Fellow Programme in Management (EFPM) is a non-residential fellow programme in management.
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1-Year Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives (ePGPx) is a composite delivery mode (online/offline) programme. The focus of the programme is on general management orientation and practical knowledge with an emphasis on inculcating exemplary leadership in challenging managerial situations.
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Executive Education

Executive Education Programmes

IIMR offers both Open (Short Duration Programmes or Long Duration Programmes) and Custom programmes.

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Resource Centre


Knowledge Resource Centre:

Knowledge Resources Centre caters to the ever-growing learning needs of the students and faculty of the Institute.

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IIM Rohtak:A Glimpses

Campus IIM Rohtak

IPM Programme


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