The IT setup at IIMR comprises of a multi-layered architecture, the lowest layer of which is made up of personal computers and workstations. The next layer consists of Active Directory Server and Database servers. The third layer consists of Web server, Mail Server and other high-end servers /Computers required for high resources demanding tasks. The Academic building, including hostel in the campus are part of the campus LAN and all the services available on the LAN can be accessed from any System.The Academic buildings in the campus are interconnected through a 6 core SMF Gigabit Fiber Optic backbone. The connectivity to desktops is using CAT 6 UTP cable ensuring a dedicated 100 Mbps bandwidth at desktop level. The Computer Center acts as the main hub of the network and hosts a layer3 backbone switch. The workgroup switches are located in the respective buildings. All the Hostel rooms are Wi-Fi equipped with Rackus make enterprise wireless network for providing seamless Wi-Fi Internet connectivity in the Hostel.

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