Knowledge Resource Centre: IIM Rohtak’s Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) caters to the ever-growing learning needs of the students and faculty of the Institute. It provides state-of-the-art information resources in the area of management and related disciplines. The KRC plays a crucial role in furthering the institute’s mission of creation and dissemination of knowledge. It is an automated library that holds an excellent collection of books, print and online journals, reports, e-databases and other relevant resources across all disciplines of business management. The KRC is focused on providing e-delivery of information to the users through network-based e-database access, book circulation through barcode systems, and accessibility of resources through web-OPAC. KRC is open to users 24/7, and the e-resources are accessible through the institute-wide network as well as from anywhere via RemoteXs service subscribed to by the Institute. The KRC also manages the case repository of IIM Rohtak that includes cases authored by faculty members of IIM Rohtak.

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