Financial Assistance


The participants of the DPM will be given a Fellowship as mentioned below:

  • Rs 30,000 for the first two years and
  • Rs 35,000 after passing the second year

In addition to this, a merit Fellowship (subject to satisfactory performance) of Rs. 10,000 per month in the second year and Rs. 15,000 per month in the third and fourth years is given to the deserving participants.

Contingency Grant:

All the participants will receive a contingency grant of Rs. 1, 85,000/-distributed across four years of the programme.

Financial Support for Conferences/Academic Exchange:

The participants will be provided potential financial support for attending national and international conferences as well as for academic exchange visits to partner institutions as per the institute norms.

Hostel and Medical Facilities:

The DPM of IIM Rohtak is a full-time residential programme and all the participants are required to stay in the campus. The existing medical facilities that are being used by other members of the Institute will be available to them.


IIM Rohtak will not charge tuition from the participants who receive the fellowship. They are expected to pay for their food expenses, admission offer acceptance fee, alumni association fee, and any other fee specified by the Institute.

The participants who are admitted under the categories of non-resident Indians, persons of Indian origin living abroad and other foreign citizens will be required to pay the fees as specified by the Institute.

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